The way that children perceive the world is something quite beautiful to behold. One of my greatest pleasures is watching my sons use their imagination through play. The way that children can completely suspend their disbelief is a sign of their pure innocence and in some ways, I envy that! 

Using a creative outlet to refresh and recharge is one of the greatest ways that we can boost our mental health and wellbeing. Whether it be through cross stitch, sketching or something else that tickles your fancy, using your imagination and creativity helps to discharge some of the stress in your bucket. Maybe it’s because it brings us back to that childhood ability to immerse ourselves into something entirely of our own creation. 

Working with others in creative or innovative ways is another way to stay connected during lockdown. I wrote in yesterday’s #DailyWritingChallenge about the collaborative art projects that our school team have been part of, and the way that this has gelled our community even though we are physically apart. I took my son for a walk to see the self-portrait gallery that has been hung as bunting around our school railings, and his face lit up as he saw the drawings of his friends. The drawing task wasn’t something that I found particularly easy, not being the greatest artist, but I couldn’t have missed the opportunity to be part of something that may bring others some joy in a dark time. The vibrant rainbows that adorn the windows of houses up and down the country are another creative way that families are coming together.

Challenging times such as now call for innovative thought to find new ways to live, to laugh and to stay well. There’s no limit to creativity, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Now is an ideal time to flex our creative flair, and share with others where possible to uplift their day too.

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